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This model is the XMILE version of Farr's AC Durability model, unmodified from here.
Current Situation:
we have a problem:

slowing growth

how do we develop confidence in one of our 3 scenarios? Model building.

"It is the process, not the products." - Barry Richmond

Primary stocks:

We are running out of homes that do not already have AC installed!

Model Overview:

Let's explore:

Word-of-Mouth Sales Effectiveness
Explore the impact sales effectiveness has on total AC Sales by touching or using your mouse on the green dial.

AC Useful Life (years)
Now lets see how this compares how sensitive total AC Sales is to AC Useful Life by touching or using your mouse on the blue dial.

* scales are relative to each run

A ha! Sales effectiveness shifts the peak in conversion sales sooner or later in time, and AC lifetime controls the magnitude of the replacement flow.

one more thing...

have you noticed it's in 3D? And that all the graphs update live when you adjust values?

flashy visuals don't make a good presentation, but this is a taste of the existing technologies out there just waiting to help communicate system dynamics models and insights.

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