AC Dynamics

The Lifecycle of a Durable Good

Facing what appeared to be a slowing growth in the US air conditioning industry, the RSC management team built a series of SD models to explore the likelihood of several scenarios.


  • The system dynamics stock and flow diagram below is drawn by sd.js when page is loaded.
  • The simulation is run in your browser, on page load and re-run every time a constant is adjusted with a knob.
  • Both the diagram and simulation are based on the content in the XMILE file for this model.
  • The simulation has 8,080 timesteps yet runs instantaneously, thanks to the way we leverage the browser's JavaScript engine.

Word-of-Mouth Sales Effectiveness

Explore the impact sales effectiveness has on total AC Sales by touching or using your mouse on the green dial.

AC Useful Life

Now lets see how this compares how sensitive total AC Sales is to AC Useful Life by touching or using your mouse on the blue dial.