Model. Simple editing.

Sketching and simulating system dynamics models has never been more natural. Model is built on XMILE, the emerging SD model standard, so you can import and export your existing models with ease. (coming soon)

editor screenshot



Model is based on XMILE, so you can easily open your existing models, or export models for analysis in other tools.



Helping to lower the barrier to entry of the field, all of this is available for free.



A simple, clean tool that allows you to create and edit traditional yet beautiful models.

Above is a live example of sd.js, rendering and simulating a model in your browser.

sd.js. open source SD.

The simulation engine and diagram-drawing code that powers Model is open source. It has been designed from the ground up to be easy to embed in ebooks and combine with other web technologies.

modules example


Modules are first-class citizens, built in from the start.


High Speed

With the power of modern web browsers, models can run faster than ever before.

impress.js demo


A technology demo that integrates an SD model and simulation into a 3D presentation.

AC Durability

Easy Resimulation

An example of a more traditional website that allows the exploration and manipulation of a XMILE-based SD model.